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About us

Unephra provides critical monitoring services to cardiovascular patients, specially those with heart failure or hypertension and helps lower medical expenses for hospitals and payers using proprietary technology

Our team

Farhad Taghibakhsh

Farhad Taghibakhsh, PhD

Founder & CEO

Pedram Fatehi

Pedram Fatehi, MD, MPH

Cofounder & Medical Strategist

Farhad Taghibakhsh

Farhad Batmanghelich, MSc

Cofounder & CTO


Saba Lahsaei, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Officer


Our technology 



Minimizing patient's risks is a key factor in unephra technology. We developed a non-contact non-invasive technology to ensure our patients and users safety and comfort



Although it is portable, you don't have to wear unephra or think about its charge level. Unephra authenticates users, and more than one user can employ it when it is installed at home or at work


Propreitary sensors

Part of unephra core technology is the ML based sensors enabling multiple biomarker measurements using the same hardware. Each system is uniquely trained according to requirements and based on user data on the go

Distinguished partners 

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